Luton Cultural Histories

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Luton Cultural Histories

Luton is full of iconic buildings, many of which play an important part in the history of Luton. Following the work we did around the Peace Day Riots Centenary we are now working with a small group of Luton schools on our next project which is to record for posterity the memories of Lutonians of some of these iconic buildings. Many people are interested in the buildings themselves but we are more interested in family stories about how you or your relatives remember using these buildings.

We have, in partnership with the schools, chosen four buildings to start with and we are looking to discover what memories Lutonians have of these places!

The four buildings we have chosen are:

  • 31 Cardigan Street, now a Sikh Gurudwara but previously a Methodist church and a Welsh Congregational church
  • 116 Bury Park Road, now an Islamic learning centre but previously the town’s synagogue and before that a cinema and a factory manufacturing aircraft propellers
  • Norton Road School, still a school after all these years!

And last but not least…

  • Chapel Langley Nursery School, located at the botttom of Farley Hill, previously a primary school

The Sikh Gurdwara Cardigan Street


The Islamic Centre Bury Park Road


Norton Road School

Chapel Street Nursery

We will be posting more about these places over the coming weeks and months but in the meantime we very much welcome any memories you have and would like to share. Please contact us via our Facebook page or by email: or